Investor-Friendly Regulatory Framework

Whether you want to open a business or invest in real estate, Port City Colombo (PCC) offers a comprehensive regulatory framework with built-in investor protection mechanisms to help you run your business in Sri Lanka with confidence.

Colombo Port City Economic Commission

Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC) is a Single Window Investment Facilitator promoting the ease of doing business within the
Port City Colombo area of authority. CPCEC’s innovative legal and regulatory framework is designed in line with the latest business and international market trends to build a safe environment for business and investment.

Established under the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act, No.11 of 2021, CPCEC empowers investors and developers alike to do business at
Port City Colombo by granting licences and other approvals. The Act also defines a clear-cut incentive and grants scheme for Businesses of Strategic Importance (BSIs) to help more investors get on board real estate development and thrust-sector businesses.

Business Registration and Legislation


Comprehensive Legal Protection

CPCEC’s legal and regulatory framework is designed to provide advanced investor protection, giving the reassurance needed to do business with confidence and ease. Additionally, CPCEC maintains a dedicated International Dispute Resolutions Centre in partnership with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) to provide expert professional services in resolving business challenges in the Port City Colombo Area of Authority.

Extended Visa Schemes

CPCEC offers highly attractive visa schemes for investors looking to work and reside in Port City Colombo, including a 5-10-year preferential visa applicable to spouses and children. Sri Lanka also offers a one-of-a-kind golden visa, a long-term resident visa programme entitling investors to live and purchase high-value land and property on the island.

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