Energy-Efficient Living For Future-Forward Brands.

Port City Colombo follows an integrated approach for management of energy, water and waste, with its sustainability initiatives focused on protecting and preserving the environment.

Working in unison, SWECO, Surbana Jurong, Atkins and AECOM developed the master plan, DCR and infrastructure plans for Port City Colombo, which aims to address major global sustainability concerns through its green infrastructure supported by renewable energy sources and systems solutions, effectively creating a smart city that considers the heights and placement of developments to maximize natural light, ventilation etc, in turn reducing the urban heat island effect.

Environmental Impact Assessments of the development are regularly conducted to ensure the 72 conditions imposed have been met. A further 24 Agencies appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka continuously monitor the development’s impact on the environment.

With the ultimate goal to encourage innovation in sustainable living and business, Port City Colombo under the Development Control Regulations which mandate a standard of best practices in sustainable living and function, incentivising developers with additional GFA.


Designed as a green city with 45 hectares of green spaces, natural features, waterways and parks, Port City Colombo will make way for an urban paradise that is built on sustainable infrastructure.

Port City Colombo will consist of Local Open Space Systems and Estate parks, Shared Streets and Channel Buffers; Water Experiences and Water Boat Pier & Taxi Stations; as well as open spaces such as The Channel, The Marina and The Beach.

The Development Control Regulations will create a resource efficient, convenient micro-climate with attractive urban spaces, set out as ‘green’ (parks and open spaces) and ‘blue’ spaces (water-based activities).

Master Transport Strategy

Port City Colombo promotes the concept of healthy living and sustainable logistics provision, prioritizing and facilitating non-motorized models of transport, such as walking and cycling - which is easily facilitated through the creation of a comprehensive network of cycle paths.

Through innovatively inverting a traditional city transport model, Port City Colombo aims to initiate noticeable improvements in air quality, and effectively reduce the urban heat island effect to create a greater positive environmental impact in the long-run.

Incorporating design principles such as fine grained networks to minimize travel distances, narwrapper suv roads for easy and safe crossing, shaded and car-lite environments, Port City Colombo proactively promotes greener living solutions for the modern urbanite.

Blue & Green

Port City Colombo has innovated an internal ‘green and blue’ spaces hierarchy that aims to seamlessly provide pedestrians and cyclists with several routes for connectivity within Port City Colombo.

Creating a pedestrian friendly environment, Port City Colombo’s Green Space Hierarchy will be delivered at a city level and is intended to meet and exceed the Urban Development Authorities' Public Open Recreation Space (PORS) standard, whilst setting the standard for international best practice for world-class, energy-efficient cities.

The Blue Space Hierarchy offers activities, experiences and transportation links that are water-based, and features a waterfront promenade that connects all parts of Port City Colombo with Colombo's CBD.

Encouraging Sustainable Development

Staying true to its sustainability goals, Port City Colombo will incorporate sustainability guidelines and best practices for third party developers to abide by when developing their individual plots of land and construction spaces.

To ensure these guidelines for sustainable business and living are met, Port City Colombo guarantees to provide its smart city urbanites and businesses with the necessary infrastructure and facilities to make it easy to curate a sustainable lifestyle without compromising the quality of the services delivered.

Port City Colombo:
Think Sustainably;
Act Responsibly.

Innovating world-class living, with people and planet at the core of all that we do, to ensure sustained growth and governance for smart, energy-efficient living.

Acting as responsible global citizens, working towards the betterment of a global community.

Promoting Socially Responsible acts and living, Port City Colombo integrates social responsibility into strategic management, through a top-down approach to advancing social responsibility into daily work.

Our socially responsible ethos are managed and guided through CHEC’s CSR Leading Group headed by the Managing Director and are responsible for the establishment of relevant systems for CSR promotion, the organization of CSR training, preparation and release of annual sustainability reports and other daily work.