Port City Colombo (PCC) integrates the latest sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles as Sri Lanka’s first “Green and Blue SEZ”. From the master plan to infrastructure design and beyond, sustainability is a core value of PCC.

Leading with Sustainability
Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessments have been carried out on PCC’s reclaimed land to estimate its suitability for construction and to determine strategies for sustainable development.
Incentivised Sustainability Strategy
Development Control Regulations (DCR) offer developer incentives for constructions that improve landscaping or meet green building standards.
A Master-Planned Green City
PCC’s master plan reinforces the city’s sustainable design by proposing eco-friendly infrastructure spaces and renewable energy, paving the way for sustainable living.
Master Transport Strategy
PCC’s master plan prioritises non-motorised methods of transport, such as walking and cycling, to reduce pollution and create highly livable city squares.

Energy-Efficient Living

Sustainability is the bedrock of the Port City Colombo development project. Fully integrated into all aspects of the project, sustainable principles give life to a mixed-use, energy-efficient city that meets international standards.

Development Control Regulations
Partnering with leading development firms such as SWECO, Surbana Jurong, Atkins and AECOM, Port City Colombo has devised a comprehensive master plan with Development Control Regulations (DCR) and infrastructure designs with a sustainability focus.

Guiding Principles of Development Control Regulations
Some of the guiding principles of Port City Colombo’s efficient energy management plan include:

  • Urban pattern — The city plan including its layout, dimensions, and connecting spaces, integrates environmental factors to create resource-efficient microclimates with natural spaces.
  • Sustainable urban design principles —The city features a mix of highly accessible green and blue spaces and public squares, promoting a balanced urban lifestyle.
  • Land-use, traffic, and transport — An efficient public transportation system promotes walking and cycling, minimising car dependency.
  • Integrated approach eco-cycle — The eco-friendly model promotes an integrated approach toward waste management, recycling, and energy renewal. Implemented at all stages of the development process, this energy-efficient model balances resource management and prevents wastage. It also prioritises solar power, wind, and other renewable energy sources, lowering the demand for fossil fuels.

Environmental Impact Assessments
Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) were conducted to ensure adherence to best practices for sustainability. Port City Colombo’s Development Control Regulations (DCR) also specify a standard for building developments, providing added Gross Floor Area (GFA) as an incentive for developers who meet the relevant eligibility criteria.

Sustainable Design Standards
Volume 4 of the Development Control Regulation, the Sustainable Design Regulatory Framework, reiterates the importance of adhering to sustainable design standards across all infrastructural developments and public constructions.

Sustainability Strategy

PCC covers over 40 hectares of land, including lush green spaces and breathtaking beaches.

The 40 hectares consist of:

24.5 ha
Parks and Green Spaces
9.8 ha
Waterfront Promenade
2.6 ha
Recreational Sports Facilities
3.3 ha

Port City Colombo’s master plan outlines a series of cutting-edge urban developments, including “green spaces” such as estate parks, shared streets, channel buffers, and “blue spaces,” including the Channel, marina, and beach to create a balanced city landscape. The city’s subterranean services system runs beneath the streets, directly connecting plots of land with the underground city grid, helping people navigate the city quickly and efficiently.

By adhering to sustainable construction guidelines, land developers can enjoy an additional 5% GFA allocation at Port City Colombo. The DCRs encourage sustainable development in Port City Colombo and set a roadmap for world-class, eco-friendly developments.

Master Transport Strategy

With a strong focus on sustainability, Port City Colombo is set to become one of South Asia’s most eco-friendly, livable car-lite cities that promotes a healthy, outdoor lifestyle for all.

Port City Colombo’s boulevards also include underground walkways directly paired with overhead light rail transit stations, creating an interconnected transport network.

Integrated Light Rail Transit System

The central boulevard has provisions for five Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations spaced 800m apart, allowing easy, efficient access across Port City Colombo. This integrated transport system, together with designated Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and mixed-use plots, play a pivotal role in urban planning. These TODs are expected to maximise accessibility to public transportation and offer a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities.

Green Hierarchy

Green spaces play a vital role in PCC’s sustainability strategy, fostering a clean, green identity for the zone.

The city is linked by lush pathways, connecting to other green parks and public spaces. These include a primary system central park and linear park, a secondary system golf course and community park, and a first-of-its-kind estate park in the local open space system.

Blue Engagement

Port City Colombo incorporates open water bodies and water-edge experiences into its design, blending seamlessly with the green spaces.

The Channel flows through the heart of the city into the Marina and the Beach, naturally circulating the water every 72 hours and allowing for accessibility and functionality. This will help create a vibrant, nature-friendly city for people to live and thrive.

Sustainability Incentives

Comply with sustainable principles and qualify for lucrative developer benefits

Port City Colombo: Think Sustainably; Act Responsibly

Port City Colombo offers a variety of unique activities and experiences at several of its top waterfront locations. Seamlessly connected by a promenade, visitors and residents alike can navigate the entirety of the city — from the CBD to the Marina and tranquil beaches on its outer edge.

Visitors can explore exciting activities and water-based experiences at PCC, including water sports such as canoeing and paddle boarding. A pioneer of water-based transport, PCC also offers the opportunity to travel in a water taxi or enjoy a sunny afternoon yachting.

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