The Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act

Port City Colombo is a multi-service Special Economic Zone (SEZ) powering large-scale business growth in South Asia through global development projects, high-end investment opportunities, and foreign trade.

The Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC) is authorised by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act No.11 of 2021 (the Act) to act as a Single Window Investment Facilitator to Port City Colombo. CPCEC handles all administrative, regulatory, and business operations of Port City Colombo, establishing a strong centralised ownership and organisational framework. With a long-term vision of positioning Sri Lanka as a regional destination for business and innovation, CPCEC provides fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and investor protection measures to make business operations easier and invite greater foreign capital inflows.

Regulatory Authority

The Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC) is the Sri Lankan government authority entrusted and authorized by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act No. 11 of 2021 to administer, regulate, and control all matters connected with businesses and other operations within and from the Port City Colombo Area of Authority.

The CPCEC also functions as the Single Window Investment facilitator, promoting ease of doing business within Port City Colombo. Additionally, it is responsible for granting incentives or exemptions to investors for promoting Businesses of Strategic Importance (BSI) within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Primary Objectives of the CPCEC

  • Promote Port City Colombo as a Special Economic Zone
  • Attract foreign direct investments
  • Facilitate ease of doing business
  • Enhance investor confidence
  • Promote global and regional investments
  • Develop innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate duty-free shopping, entertainment, and other similar activities
  • Generate employment opportunities
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Promote urban amenity operations
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Authorised Person and
Businesses of Strategic Importance

An Authorised Person (AP) is any person or business permitted by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC) to do business in and from the Colombo Port City Area of Authority.

APs are eligible for incentives such as

  • 0% personal income tax
  • Employee remuneration in foreign currency
  • 5-10 year green visa channel (applicable for spouse and children)
  • Transactions in 16 designated foreign currencies
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% profit and capital repatriation

Businesses of Strategic Importance are designated Authorised Persons with higher eligibility for incentives classified as:

1.Land Development Investors (Primary BSIs)


  • 0% corporate income tax for up to 25 years
  • 50% Concessionary Corporate Income Tax Rate for 10 more years after the initial 25-year period OR 300% Enhanced Capital Allowance of investment in depreciable assets
  • Exemptions from indirect taxes: 0% sales tax (VAT), 0% dividend income tax, and 0% Customs Duty and other border tariffs (CESS and PAL)

Qualifying Criteria

  • Minimum investment of $100 Million per plot
  • Minimum investment of $25 Million for the marina or social infrastructure land plots

2.Business Set-up Investors (Secondary BSIs)


  • 0% corporate income tax holidays for up to 25 years
  • Exemptions from indirect taxes: 0% sales tax (VAT), 0% dividend income tax, and 0% Customs Duty and other border tariffs (CESS and PAL)

Businesses that Qualify

Businesses engaged in global and regional economic activities, international trade, shipping logistics, regional distribution, information technology and business process outsourcing, tourism and other ancillary services entertainment, urban amenity operations for residential community settlements, corporate headquarters operations, offshore banking and finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, generation of employment opportunities, and sustainable development

Qualifying Criteria

  • The company or parent company has an annual global revenue of more than $50 Million
  • Has a minimum of 100 employees within five years from commencement
  • Startup business with a valuation of at least $500,000 within five years of being licenced under the Act
  • Business contributes to economic and social development in Sri Lanka

Fee Regulations

Fee TypeFee
Fee for Authorised Person application$2,500
Alteration of particulars submitted$100
Annual fee$2,000
Fees for extracting registers and certified copies of the licence$100

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