Why Invest in
Port City Colombo

The Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is an economic powerhouse fuelling high-level development projects and businesses in the South Asian region. Investments and business operations in the SEZ are facilitated by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC), established under the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act No. 11 of 2021. The CPCEC acts as a Single Window Investment Facilitator and regulatory body for the Port City Colombo Area of Authority, streamlining regulatory and foreign exchange processes to create a competitive business landscape.

Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone

The Colombo Port City Economic Commission (CPCEC) acts as a Single Window Investment Facilitator for the Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone (SEZ), driving regional economic growth through investor-friendly incentives and a progressive regulatory framework.

0% Personal
Income Tax
Authorised Persons (APs) in
Port City Colombo enjoy zero personal tax on their employment income in foreign currency.
100% Capital and Profit
Transfer foreign-earned profits and offshore capital back to your home country with no restrictions.
100% Foreign
Keep complete control of your business and property assets, fully protected by legal and regulatory safety nets.
16 Designated Foreign Currencies
for Transactions
Freely transact in 16 designated foreign currencies using Port City Colombo's investment-specific accounts.
5-10 Year Preferential
Get a family-inclusive preferential visa of 5-10 years with a green channel for investment, business, employment, and residency.
25+ Years of Tax
Register as a Business of Strategic Importance and be entitled to 25-year tax exemptions and a subsequent 50% cut on all taxes for 10 years.
Port City Colombo promotes a competitive regulatory environment, boosting the export of services and capital inflows.

CPCEC’s Single Window Investment Facilitator services ease business operations in the South Asian region.
The city features future-ready infrastructure, making it one of the most sustainable cities regionally.
PCC has access to a highly-skilled talent pool across multiple industries, supported by flexible labour laws.
CPCEC provides strong investment protection and a dedicated through a dedicated International Commercial Dispute Resolution Centre.

Port City Colombo gives you the benefit of paying employees in designated foreign currencies.

Economically Ring-Fenced

High-Freedom, Low-Risk Financial Environment

Explore business opportunities within a distinct financial ecosystem

  • Transact in 16 designated foreign currencies

Comply effortlessly with international regulatory standards

  • Enjoy higher trading freedom through relaxed foreign exchange controls
  • Comply with Anti-Money Laundering practices combating Financing of Terrorism
  • Raise capital overseas
  • Minimise foreign exchange risk and hedging costs
  • Gain full capital and profit repatriation

Investor Protection

Invest securely

Enjoy built-in investor protection mechanisms through laws and contracts

  • Registrations, licences, authorisations, permits, or approvals may not be discontinued or amended to negatively affect investors.
  • Stabilisation/ Economic Equilibrium Clause protects Authorised Persons from negative effects caused by changes in laws. If an Authorised Person increases operating expenses due to legal requirements, the Commission may adjust the exemptions to cover additional costs.

Experience Port City Colombo’s strong commitment to investment protection

  • Sri Lanka has 25 active Bilateral Investment Treaties and five other Treaties with Investment Provisions.
  • International Investment Agreements provide foreign investment protection against the appropriation of assets through Fair and Equitable Treatment principles.
  • Port City Colombo adopts expert-led, internationally accepted procedures for dispute resolution headed by the International Commercial Dispute Resolution Centre.
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