Port City Colombo: The Gateway to South Asia

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Projected to redefine Sri Lanka’s economic and societal landscape, Port City Colombo (PCC) is a visionary multi-billion dollar FDI-funded project located at the very heart of the South Asian region — the vibrant, thriving metropolis of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Positioned as the gateway to South Asia, it offers a unique combination of global investment opportunities, international business environments, world-class infrastructure, and sustainable yet cosmopolitan living.

A multi-services oriented special economic zone

Port City Colombo is located within the Colombo Port City Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which is Sri Lanka’s first multi-services oriented SEZ. It is governed by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission, the single window investment facilitator for governance, dispute resolution, and law enforcement. This ensures a business-friendly environment including a 25-year tax holiday for Businesses of Strategic Investment (BSIs), and transactions in foreign currencies, with no capital or exchange controls, and up to 100 per cent foreign ownership. Located right next to the renowned Port of Colombo, PCC is also an emerging transhipment point offering easy access to key markets, including India, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Middle East.

Colombo International Finance Centre & Port City Business Centre
At the heart of PCC lies the Port City Business Centre (PCBC), a premier business park which will provide all the required infrastructure and amenities for international businesses of all categories. This will complement the upcoming Colombo International Finance Centre (CIFC), PCC’s signature development, which aims to emulate the successful economic models of global commercial cities including Dubai and Singapore, whilst aligning with PCC’s broader commitment to sustainability and livability.

Upcoming developments

Already showcasing development activities for projects worth $1.6 billion kicking off in 2024, PCC’s attractiveness to global investors is consistently growing. With luxury hospitality, residential, commercial and top-tier social infrastructure offerings, such as an international school, hospital and university expected to emerge in the near future, PCC continues to evolve into a dynamic economic hub that provides significant potential for international investors, especially the Gulf region.

For more information regarding Port City Colombo (PCC), please contact its Investment Promotion Team on or [email protected].

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