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US sanctions on China firms will not affect investments in Sri Lanka’s reclaimed port city - official


State Minister of Regional Cooperation Tharaka Balasuriya said the Sri Lankan government welcomes investments from China and will ensure that such investments are well protected, according to a statement from the Chinese Embassy said .

Chargé d’ Affaires of the Chinese Embassy Hu Wei invited the State Minister together with a big team of senior diplomats from Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry for a field visit to the Lotus Tower and the Colombo Port City.

The statement said, “The Colombo Port City is the biggest ever foreign direct investment project in Sri Lankan history, which will attract $13 billion further investment, create 83,000 jobs and become the island’s new developing engine. This will no doubt transform the landscape of Colombo and Sri Lanka. We are very optimistic and we want to work in partnership with the Chinese. After a breathtaking bird-view of grand Colombo area and all the mega projects from the 356-metre high Lotus Tower, which is the highest in South Asia, the delegation headed towards the Colombo Port City, and inspected the first marina of the country, the first artificial golden beach in downtown Colombo as well as the advance multimedia gallery.

In a round table meeting with vivid photos and video-clips, Hu Wei briefed Sri Lankan colleagues about the heart-warming stories of joint fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and the encouraging developments of joint reviving Sri Lankan economy for the past half year. The Chinese envoy stressed that the pandemic could neither separate the hearts of the two people, nor block the development of the social-economic cooperation between the two countries, let alone interfering and sabotaging by external forces.