Press Release

SLLRDC Officials go on​ board​ Port City dredger

A group of officials representing Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation​ (SLLRDC)​ made an observational tour ​on board the Jun Yang 1, Asia's largest trailing suction hopper dredger which is ​i​n operation for Port City Colombo reclamation​, ​last week​.

The ​Team was headed by C.B. Amarasinghe, Deputy General Manager together with several other ​Deputy and ​A​ssistant ​G​eneral ​M​anagers ​from ​SLLRDC.

Wang Hao, ​E​mployer's ​R​epresentative of CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd, Liu Zhi, ​C​ountry ​Manager of Guangzhou Dredging Company, Chandana Gunawardena, ​D​eputy ​P​roject ​Manager of China Harbour Engineering Company and ​​W.A.D.D. Wijesooriya, ​T​eam leader ​​Environmental Management Plan (EMP​)​ of CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd made the technical presentations to the visiting team. Officials were satisfied with the project team’s progress for adhering properly to the guidelines and conditions stipulated by the Government. ​They ​​also​ ​​highly commended the modern technical equipment used by the three dredgers for smooth operation.

Currently the Port City project has utilized three dredgers namely Jun Yang 1, Wan Qing Sha and Xin Hai Feng ​which are equipped with high tech modern facilities and real time GPS tracking. ​Currently, ​ sand mining take​s​ place at the off-shore site belong​ing​ to SLLRDC some 10km away ​from the Uswetakeiyawa shore. By using modern technology SLLRDC monitors ​the movement of ​all three dredgers​​ 24/7 to ensure smooth operation.

Last month Megapolis & Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka commended the 50% completion of phase ​1​​ land reclamation for ​the ​Port City Colombo development project.