Three of the World’s leading design firms were invited to participate in the Urban Design Ideas Competition initiated by CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd. The Competition was conducted under the sanction of The International Union of Architects (UIA), using the UIA-UNESCO “Standard Regulations for International Competitions in Architecture and Town-Planning”. The focus of the competition was limited to the Financial District and the Marina.

Total Competition land area is 360,000m2 with a total gross floor area of 1,900,000m2. This includes commercial, mixed use, hotel, residential developments and a Marina


Inception discussions with The International Union of Architects (UIA) on competition approach

January 2017

Issuance of brief to participants

Early March 2017

Participants’ visit to Colombo

Late March 2017

Arrival of anonymous submissions in Colombo

15th May 2017

Judging process

16th to 18th May 2017

Winner announcement and private viewing

18th May 2017

Awards ceremony

6th July 2017